The Last Day Revisited on Artsy

I’m delighted to be part of Artsy online exhibition of Aleph Contemporary artists. ‘The Last Day Revisited’
A cross generational group show featuring Willard Boepple, Helen Brough, Jacopo Dal Bello, Dan Coombs, Gordon Dalton, Nelson Diplexcito, Joana Galego, Peter Griffin, Phil King, Lee Johnson, Zebedee Jones, Rebecca Meanley, Paul Newman, Miroslav Pomichal, Katie Pratt, Mark Wright.
Aleph Contemporary is pleased to present its group show ‘The Last Day revisited’
‘In 2012 he (Newman) created a photographic print of his old studio, and during lockdown he has revisited it, painting eerie abstract elements on top of the pre-existing image. A bright and gaudy backdrop featuring psychedelic vases and clementines in crystal bowls has been shrouded in a murky veil twisting and turning with intestine-like tubes. If the original was, as Newman says, a fictional self-portrait, then this queasy update surely visualises him grappling with the strange and uncertain times in which we live.’ – Chloe Ashby
Paul Newman @paulhnewman
The Last Day revisited, 2020