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In Ruin

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In Ruin Solo exhibition at Stryx gallery Birmingham June 2nd – 20th 2023 Outcome for Pressure Cooker: Soup VI Residency Programme

‘A re-enactment of repetitions and rituals against the backdrop of relentless urban regeneration all around this artists’ studio space and the city in general. The Stryx gallery will present painting, objects and live performance, exploring personal themes in relation to romantic and haunted notions of ruins; of architecture, the body and the mind.’

Ghost Rope

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Ghost Rope A Live 40 min performance for the opening of ‘In Ruin’, solo exhibition at Stryx. Photographs by Marcin SZ

Wearing a fractured mirror man mask (a prop from a previous performance called Time Piece) In this version the character follows a HIIT exercise class on You Tube. The work explored themes of repetition, compulsion and failed desires in a psychological extension of the title of the show which also explored the theme of ruins from art history Romantic era landscape painting as well as modern urban regeneration. In Ruin was the exhibition outcome from Stryx 2023 Residency Program Pressure Cooker: Soup VI

Performance play at Stryx

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Playing around with masks and performance ideas as part of my residency at Stryx, Pressure Cooker: Soup VI for solo exhibition outcome ‘In Ruin’ in June

Pressure Cooker: Soup VI

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Excited to be taking part in Stryx Gallery Pressure Cooker: Soup VI artist in residence programme for 2023, along with: @mollycleaver @ambiedrew @b4g_lord @lilywales. Here’s a taster of work in group show in April before solo exhibition in June…

Vitalistic Fantasies

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Woodland Painting 1 coming out of the swamps into its exhibition debut for Vitalistic Fantasies, at Elysium Gallery, Swansea, until July 16 2022. Curated by Paula Mccarthur and Liam White