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It’s Not the End of the World

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An exhibition of recent work at Birmingham School of Art, Margaret St. for ‘Night School’ on Tues 29th Oct 6-8pm. Including ‘It’s not The End of the World’ a large scale mixed media collage
Paul Newman’s current body of work, Urban Gothic combines 18th – 21st century motifs including; historical landscape painting, architecture, classic monsters of movies such as the Fly & Frankenstein and even the Ford Escort van.
Paul Newman is a member of Contemporary British Painting & Aleph Contemporary


Mountain Size

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I’m delighted to be taking part in painting exhibition Mountain Size with the Contemporary British Painting group, curated by Gordon Dalton and the team at the Pineapple Black gallery in Middleborough. Open 1-30th Nov and related talks during its duration as part of the Conversations in Painting festival. Van study xi is parking up there in the exhibition.

Mountain Size features artists whose work has a relationship to landscape, as well as to the history, legacy and traditions of painting itself. This does not mean it is divorced from the wider realities around it or a fruitful critical dialogue with other art forms, but that painting itself is mountain sized, a large, seemingly immovable force yet one that is changeable with time.

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