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West Midlands Open

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A man about town

‘Time Piece’ Live performance at the Vaults Bazar

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Time Piece Wednesday 24th February 2010. Live performance at ‘The Vaults Bazar’. The Vaults, Birmingham. Curated by TROVE.

Time Piece is a performance by Paul Newman simulating the movement of a waiter clearing tables. The action is a metaphor for the mechanics of an analogue clock and is an association with ‘a slice of time’, both as shift work and as a durational performance for the length of a show.  The routine is relatively precarious as a rehearsed action with the potential for lapses in concentration due to distraction, boredom and fatigue, generating incident that can disrupt the mechanism of the clock. Its framework explores two components of performance; repetition and unpredictability.

The Secret Garden

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A neglected space sealed off for the last 15 years which had evolved into an overgrown wilderness has been permeated and physically altered…

Reflecting on the regeneration of the surrounding industrial landscape, the familiar and iconic image of the shipping container has been transformed into an art object as a strategy for an encounter exploring function, transformation and fictional narrative.

Behind Closed Doors have transformed the site revealing trace elements of a real and fabricated history, documenting its recent change and indicating a potential for its future.

Private view 29th May. Exhibition 30th May until June 15th. 10-6 daily, 10-4 Sundays

A Face with No Name

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Solihull Gallery presents:
A Face with No Name by Paul Newman
23rd June – 26th July 2008

Solihull Gallery
Solihull Arts Complex
Library Square
Touchwood, Homer Road
Solihull B91 3RG

Private view: Thursday 26th June 6.00 – 7.30 pm (Refreshments will be served)
Artist Talk Thursday 10th July, 6.30 -7.30 pm
Exhibition runs from 23rd June -26th July 08

A Face with No Name is an exhibition of a series of drawings, paintings and photographs based on performance situations from a portfolio of fictional characters.

These characters are hybrid creatures generated instinctively and in response to using the medium; from the spontaneous line drawings to the more complex and awkwardly worked surfaces of the paintings. The imagery has a total autonomy, though sometimes bears the influence of classic cinematic monsters such as the Fly.

The body of work is complemented through character performance which is re presented in the photographs. Though naturally different from the painting and drawing, they carry the same tone and poise.

Placed within the same context, the paintings and photographic works in the exhibition explore both similarities and differences in a portrayal of multiple characters which could also be identified as a portrait of one.